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We are in the middle of the Non-GMO verification process. This is actually my second time going thru the Non-GMO Project verification process, as I went thru it with another company I work for. The Non-GMO Project is a non-profit organization committed to preserving and building the non-GMO product supply chain, educating consumers, and providing verified non-GMO choices. They believe that everyone deserves an informed choice about whether or not to consume genetically modified organisms. We feel the same way here at notagmo.

So why get verified? Our products are already stated to be Non-GMO on the label. We are allowed to claim that currently. The process of getting verified is expensive. And yet we still feel it is extremely important to get verified. Our commitment to Non-GMO is even reflected in the name notagmo and our desire is to have every one of our products be Non-GMO project verified. 

My degree is in psychobiology (behavioral neuroscience) and 10 years of my work experience is in the natural industry. The natural industry can be shady. Honestly there is a lot of snake oil out there and companies aren't always completely honest. I know my products are all natural and non-GMO, but my science degree trains me to be extremely skeptical, so I would question my company if I were the consumer. By getting verified it can give the skeptical consumers, like me, the faith they need.  I would want that, so I am glad to provide it. Not only does it give my consumers confidence, in all honesty it helps me validate what I believe about my products on a much deeper level, as the Non-GMO project goes much further into the investigation of the validity of the non-GMO supply chain.

The thing that really makes me respect the Non-GMO project is the depth of their standard.  Being in the natural industry I've experienced that European regulatory agencies are usually much stricter than U.S. regulatory agencies.  However, I discovered quickly that many ingredients certified as Non-GMO in Europe do not pass the Non-GMO project standards.  The U.S. based Non-GMO project is much more strict than the European agencies.  This says something powerful in my book.

So how are we in the middle of the process?  Well the Non-GMO project verification takes a few steps.  First your products and formulas are evaluated to make sure you are being honest on your label about your ingredients as well as making sure you are stating anything untrue about Non-GMO in general.  As of today our products have passed this stage and we are in the next step of the evaluation.  The next thing the Project does is evaluate each ingredient in depth.  If any ingredient anywhere through its processing from the original plant comes from a high risk crop it is flagged as being high risk.  High risk crops are things like soy and corn, which are largely genetically modified in many of the farms around the world.  If any of your ingredients are high risk then a facility audit is performed where an inspector comes out to make sure you are processing things in such a way to prevent cross contamination between ingredients and products.  I've been thru the facility audit before, so if we are audited here I'm confident we will pass.

I hope you appreciate our commitment to Non-GMO, believe in the Non-GMO movement and would consider using our brand because we share the same beliefs and commitment.

- Jason

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