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I just watched the linked video above which talked about some of the "deceptive" practices of Whole Foods regarding Non-GMO products. To me the video is not quite balanced. Whole Foods has done a lot for the natural industry. They have led the way of bringing healthier food to more people. They have made people more away of the importance of healthy and natural. It may be that a lot of people have heard the term GMO because of Whole Foods.

This video is a bit outdated and took place before the failure of Prop 37 in California. This proposition would have required mandatory labeling for GMO foods. It is interesting that the US doesn't have requirements for GMO labeling. 49 countries including China, Russia, and the entire EU require GMO labeling. Yes, China. China requires it and the US doesn't. There is something that seems wrong to me there. Good for you China.

One of the interesting things that I saw in the video was the amount of natural companies owned by multinational corporations that gave money to defeat Prop 37. Below is a list of the parent corporation, the "natural" brands they own, and the amount given to support the defeat of Prop 37.

Pepsico: Oizze, Naked Juice: $1,716,300
Kellogg: Kashi, Morning Star, Gardenburger, Bear Naked:$632,500
Coco Cola: Honest Tea, Odwalla, Simply Orange: $1,164,400
Hershey: Dagoba Organic Chocolate: $395,100
General Mills: Cascadian Farm Organic, Muir Glen, Larabar: $520,000
Smuckers: RW Knudsen, Santa Cruz Organic: $387,000

I sometimes wonder how important it was to create a brand dedicated to Non-GMO Project verified products. Watching this video reminded me of how important verification is because of the perception that natural foods are Non-GMO. This misperception even exists with the employees at a natural store such as Whole Foods.

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