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Labeling and Label Claims of Aromatherapy

What can you say on an essential oil bottle for Aromatherapy?

Whole Foods GMO

A short film that takes the position that labeling of GMO Foods should be required due to market deception and confusion.

GMOs - Good and Bad

There are definitely benefits to Genetically Modified Organisms as well as harmful aspects. Exploring both sides of the story.

FoodChain ID demonstrates fantastic customer service.

FoodChain ID did amazing job of listening and responding to my concerns. As Benjamin Franklin said: “Well done is better than well said.”

The Sense of Smell for a Better State of Mind

Sensory stimuli and its relation to state of mind.

Sustainable Sourcing

What is sustainable sourcing?

Non-GMO Project Verification

The process of getting Non-GMO Project verified, why we are going thru it and why we believe in it.


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